Conservatories For Your Home

Conservatories can offer a halfway house between the home and the garden.  We can supply the products for you to create a lovely new space for you and your family.  There are many different styles available, Victorian, Lean-To and Edwardian are among the most popular, all of these are made from durable uPVC which will keep your conservatory looking great for years to come. Pilkington has designed a range of self-cleaning glass for use in conservatory roofs.


Conservatory Styles


The Victorian conservatory is one of the most elegant styles of conservatory. A beautiful addition to the back of your house, and they look great


The Lean-To is the most practical conservatory available. It delivers on the two most important levels value for money and space.

Lean-to Conservatory


The Edwardian or Georgian conservatory is the most popular style of conservatory bought today as it delivers both style and maximises space.

Edwardian Conservatory

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