uPVC Soffit Boards

Soffit Boards Always In Stock

There are lots of options to help you create the right look for your home. Our uPVC soffit boards come in eight different widths, eight different colours and two styles: standard plain and a decorative ‘ogee’.

Soffit Boards-Hollow

Soffit Boards – Hollow

A lightweight, cost-effective soffit solution, which can also be fitted with effective ventilators.

Soffit Boards-Vented

Soffit Boards – Vented

Simple, clean and can be enhanced with separate vents to maintain airflow to your loft space.

Soffit Boards-Flat

Soffit Boards – Flat

Prevent damp and protect your rafters from rot with our flagship soffit boards.

What Options Are Available

Each of our Flat Soffit Boards is available in different lengths of 3m and 5m depending on the needs of your house, and for that extra touch of quality, they are also available in different wood grain finishes. This gives you the appearance of painted wood but without the drawbacks of the material, the cost and the upkeep on top.

UPVC Flat Soffit Boards are also very weather-resistant, and unlike wood or aluminium alternatives they won’t warp or crack in hot and cold weather, or rot when they get wet, so you can rely on them to protect your roof all year round. All of these great benefits to using UPVC Soffit Boards add up to another positive, which is price.

You can get all of these great features with UPVC for less than the cost of a wooden or aluminium alternative, and because of the lack of maintenance and repairs, the soffit will even cost you less over the whole lifetime of the product. Click on the options in our range to browse what’s available or call us from a no-obligation quote.